Another FANtastic Night!!!

Hi Guys:

Another FANtastic Friday in the books!!! We got us a boatload of stuff for the Food Bank of Central New York!!!

Great turn out to the last two shows, and (I think) some new TSO Fans!!!

Speaking of which, tomorrow night, Saturday, December 22, at 6:30, 7:30 and 8:30, our very first TSOnly night!! 30 minutes of non-stop, nuthin but, the one and only TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA!!! Don’t worry if you miss it, we will do it again next before we close in 2 weeks.

And also, a reminder, our CHRISTMAS EVE BONANZA including your favorites music set to lights and a visit from a rather large gentleman (I have to be somewhat PC here….) who may be a bit on the oldish-side, with a white beard and mustache, with goodies for kids and grown-ups alike!!!

But, don’t forget to bring your non-perishable items for the Food Bank of CNY!!!

Thank you again, and we will see you again tomorrow night, weather permitting. Stay tuned here for updates if the weather is questionable.

Sweet dreams!!!


Tonight, the weather, yada yada yada.

Hello everyone:

Just a friendly reminder that with the weather right now and with the forecasted weather, to check the website here or our FB page for up to the minute cancellation announcements.

At the moment, it’s like 50-50. It’s very mushy, we have some standing water in the yard and it’s beginning to snow. We’ll make a go/no-go decision later, keeping in mind the safety of the display and visitors tonight.