Hello, again!!!

Hello, everyone!!

It’s now less than 100 days to Christmas, 2013!! We’ve been busy getting our “act together” and getting the display up to par. We are adding new elements, and if you recall, last year, we had a problem with some of ther lights that we received from China. Well, we, and our vendors, have been working overtime to get the best “pixels” that we can so that we can get back to where we wanted to be. Most ¬†of our elements will be LED at the very least, and we will have many elements with “pixels”, which means that all the individual bulbs will be able to be controlled individually. More on that later.

We will be having a “sneak preview” on Halloween, not a specific Halloween show, per se, and that show will run continuously starting at 7 PM.

Stay tuned for more info, and get PUMPED, Santa will be here SOON!!!