Week 2!!!

Hello Everyone:

Welcome to week #2 at Koehler Family Christmas!!

We are back once again with lights and music for the season tonight and tomorrow night at 6, 7 and 8 PM, and Sunday a6 6 and 7 PM. Come by and have a great experience with synchronized lights and music and get in the Christmas Spirit with us. And please, remember the good people at the Food Bank of Central New York when you come.

A couple of announcements…I’ll put it on the Dark Days page, but we will be dark on December 9 (booooooo). And also, Crouse Hospital Night will be on Saturday, December 22 for all three shows. TSO Night will be on Friday, December 21. We’ll announce a date for Classic Christmas Night in the next few days.

Thank you…. and see you tonight!!!


Our first weekend for 2018!!!

Hello, everyone. Happy Sunday! Just a reminder, we’re dark tonight. 

Just a few reminders: our web page, koehlerfamilychristmas.com, has a lot of information about show times and hours, how to listen, and how to get here. Also, dark nights are included there and in the event of lousy weather that makes you unsafe trying to get here, such as a bad lake effect storm, we’ll announce closings there and here on FB. 

I think this was one of the best opening weekends we’ve ever had in terms of audience, and despite the fact that the weather last week really hurt us, overall it turned out better than we had expected. Thank you to everyone for your support. 

We’ll be working hard this week getting new sequences tweaked so we can get right back at it next Friday and Saturday at 6, 7 and 8 PM and Sunday at 6 and 7. 

Have a great week, everyone, thanks again to everyone who turned out, and see you next Friday!! 

Saturday Night!!

Well, the weather outside is frightful. And damp. Very damp. But…we’ll try it anyway and see what happens. Should be interesting. But the radar says that the rain is stopping and it’s actually kind of mild here. So come on out, bring your sunglasses and help us help the great people at the Food Bank of Central New York!!


Hello Everyone:

Wow!! What a great night. The moon was out, it wasn’t too cold (until the very end…) and we were working right up until the very end before the first show started. I think a great time was had by all.

We hope you’ll get here for the opening weekend… to be continued right here tomorrow night, weather permitting, for shows at 6, 7 and 8 PM.

Don’t forget, we’re dark on Sunday, November 25!

Thank you to everyone that stopped by tonight, and thanks also for helping us support the Food Bank of Central New York and the awesome work that they do in 11 counties across Central New York.

Some “THANK YOUs” Would Be Nice!!

Before it gets to be much later in the season, we’d be remiss if we didn’t say THANK YOU to some people that have made it easier for us to help out the Food bank Of Central New York. Please give a hearty handshake to these fine folks and support them whenever you can:

The GREAT guys and gals and United Rentals in East Syracuse. https://www.unitedrentals.com/locations/ny/east-syracuse/equipment-tool-rentals/syr?utm_source=google&utm_medium=distrib&utm_campaign=google-distrib

Staples Copy Center in East Syracuse https://stores.staples.com/ny/e–syracuse/3-chevy-dr

Ted and Amy In The Morning on 93-Q http://www.93q.com/tedandamy/


Dark Nights 2018


These are nights that, regardless of the weather, when we’ll be dark . Remember, these do not include weather nights. Keep checking back, especially if the weather is wet or very snowy, as we tend to err on the side of caution to protect peoples’ safety (Remember, your Mom always said that electricity and water don’t mix…) We will announce if we have to cancel in plenty of time. Check here, our Facebook page (Koehler Family Christmas) or our Twitter Feed (@koehlerfamxmas).

Thank You!!

November 25–> DARK!!

December 9–> DARK!!

Getting Closer!!

Well, it’s hard to imagine that we are only 5 days to light-up!!

We’re hoping everyone is getting into the Christmas Spirit a little early this year!!

We’re still having some issues (the storm hit us pretty bad and gave us some electrical issues) but hopefully we’ll be all up and running by Black Friday.

By the way, we’ll be dark next Sunday (work issues) but we’ll be back, bright and light, the following weekend for Week 2. I’ll start a post called DARK NIGHTS and update as required.

Remember to check here for updates, especially if the weather is suspect (precipitation, not temperature, is what we try to avoid.)

Here’s what we look like now, in case you were wondering. But fear not, we aren’t done just yet.

See you Black Friday, for shows at 6, 7 and 8 PM!! Thank you for helping us support the Food Bank of Central New York!!!

We wish you a joyous and peaceful Thanksgiving Holiday.

Koehler Family Christmas