Dark Tonight :-(

Hello everyone: 

Well, mother nature has struck for the first time this season. We have some issues with the Display due to the weather over the last 24 hours, so issues with the display itself due to the moisture, as well as some issues from the wind. We also have some standing water in the yard, and according to the forecast, we’re supposed to get quite a bit of rain today. So preemptively, we are going to be dark tonight. As we have about 8000 watts passing through the Yard, we don’t want to have issues to ruin it for the rest of the weekend.

So, we’ll  get out there and repair everything tomorrow and will be good to go tomorrow night.

Just a reminder, it’s our last weekend, shows will be Saturday night at 6, 7 and 8 PM, and Sunday, our final day, we’ll  be lit up at 6 and 7 PM.

Sorry for the bad news, but we’ll be back tomorrow night. 

Sunday is DRONE DAY here at KFC!!

One thing we wanted to do was to thank Mr. Tom Davis and Mr. Skip Davis. Tom is the teacher at ES-M High School’s Introduction to Aerospace and Aviation class. He was here tonight before we started the shows with a new acquisition to the program, a really cool GPS enabled drone. He was able to get some great video of the display from high up in the air. It was really great to see this technology in action and know that ESM is in the forefront of technology. We’ll post the video as soon as we can. ((((It’s going to be so cool))))

Thanks, Mr. Davis and Mr. Davis!!!


December 23

Oh. My. Gosh.

What a great night. People EVERYWHERE. I’d like to thank those that came by and braved the chilly weather. If you had half as much fun as we did, it’s all worth it. It was great to see faces to put with the names we see on social media and very cool to know that there are quite a few people that come from many miles away to see our display.

And, as if you didn’t know…tomorrow is Christmas Eve and that means that our big night is just around the corner.

One show, 7 PM, and the biggest star of the night will be here shortly after the lights come up. Try to get here early, if you can. If you feel like staying outside, please park on Schuyler Road (our cross street) and walk down to the house. As a reminder, please remember our neighbors and be courteous please.

The lights and music will be on early, as always, and we always have candy for good boys and girls.

Thank you again to everyone who has supported us and the Food Bank of Central New York this season, we are truly humbled by all the support we’ve seen this season.

See you tomorrow!!


Holy cow…what a great crew we had tonight…I think that may have been a record!! Thank you everyone that came out to see us tonight, and we hope you had a great time while helping us to support the Food Bank of Central New York. Hard to believe, but next weekend we wind our season down.

Now…tomorrow…two shows only, 6 and 7 PM, TSO NIGHT!!

And then, the pinnacle of our season, Christmas Eve. One show, 7 PM, with a visit from Santa himself and goodies for all.

Thank you for your continued support!!

Week 4!!!

Not to drop hints or anything, but seems as though tonight would be a great night for some, I dunno, Christmas lights?? 65 degrees?? Who would’ve thought!!!

We pick up right where we left off last week at 6, 7 and 8 PM. I think the rain will miss us but keep an eye here if it gets wet.

See you tonight!!!

Week 3…AWESOME!!

Hello, Everyone!! 

Well…what a great weekend. The weather was warm (kinda drizzly but all three nights were pretty warm) and we had something we have never experienced on a Sunday, TRAFFIC PROBLEMS!! 

We’re getting close to the summit of our season, Christmas Eve. But before that, there’s Crouse Hospital Night on December 22, TSO Night on December 23, and our big Christmas Eve Blowout at 7 PM. One show only, but it’ll be a doozy, a bit longer and will end when we get Santa arriving here JUST FOR US!! There’ll be opportunities for pictures and candy for all. Since we’ve had traffic issues already, I’d suggest that you get here early for the festivities that night. Weather for those 4 days looks great, by the way. 

We’ve thanked a lot of people so far, like United Rentals I’m Schuyler Road…they made our lives incredibly easier during setup, and Staples on Bridge Street. But we need to also thank the Dewitt Police Department in advance for their assistance in our Christmas Eve activities. 

So…next week…shows at the usual times, 6, 7 and 8 PM on Friday and Saturday, 6 and 7 PM on Sunday, and 7 PM on Christmas Eve. And as always, check our social media and/or our website for updates if the weather is sketchy. 

Have a great week, everyone!!

Two More Days!!!

Hello Everyone!!

Two more days and we’re BACK!! 

All three nights this weekend, Friday and Saturday 6,7, and 8 PM. Sunday…6 and 7 PM. 

Now to the important stuff…Crouse Hospital Night will be December 22. 

TSO Night…December 23 (bring your lighters and wave em in the air…)

All of this leads up to the biggest night of all, Christmas Eve!! One BIG BIG BIG show at 7 PM, culminating in a visit by the “big man, top dog, big cheese” of Christmas, Santa Claus himself. (Don’t tell anyone but I hear he’s making an incredibly FLASHY entrance…). 

But, this weekend, don’t forget to stop by, grab some candy, and help us show our appreciation for the great work that the folks at the Food Bank of Central New York do for those less fortunate. 

Thanks for reading…SEE YOU FRIDAY!!