Hi Everyone:

Boy, what a great night tonight has been!!! They were parked on both sides of the street and also along Schuyler Road. Singing!! Dancing!!! Lots of donations also, great for our effort for the Food Bank of CNY!!!

Well, as you know, all of our efforts have led us to tomorrow night, Christmas Eve!!!
Our program starts at 7 PM, lasts approximately 45-50 minutes, and I’m told by people “in the know” that Santa will be touching down right before the end of the program. (Don’t ask me how many STRINGS I HAD TO PULL, please??!!)

A couple of requests:

Please park on one side of the street, if you can. I can help you find a place to park, just be patient, please. Feel free to park on Schuyler and walk the short walk over. Don’t worry, we won’t start without you.

Let our neighbors through. They already put up with a lot from me the other 11 months out of the year, so please be courteous.

Please don’t litter.

If people are still coming, we may delay the start for 5 minutes or so, but we’ll get underway as soon as we can.

Don’t make fun of Santa. He’s rather large. He knows it. Don’t hurt his feelings and make him cry.

So……with those things in mind, get some sleep, rest up, and we will see you tomorrow night at 7 PM. Please don’t forget your donation for the CNY Food Bank. Help us help CNY’s needy!!!

Thank you, and to all, A GOOD NIGHT!!!!


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