So….as of right now, most stuff is working. We will have shows again starting tonight at 6:30, then 7:30 and 8:30. Keep your fingers crossed that everything stays operational. There’s a lot of wind and snow out there. Also, I don’t anticipate that anyone will be standing outside tonight, with the wind chills in the single digits anticipated later today. I’m going to leave the sound system inside tonight and to hear the music, just tune your radio to 90.7 MHz FM, stay in your car and be toasty warm!!

Also, if you’re watching tonight and a plow happens to try to come down the street, make your way to the nearest driveway till the plow goes by, then park back on the street again.

Thank you for your patience over the last few days, and Thank You for your continued support of the Food Bank of Central New York!!


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