HOLY COW!!! I’m speechless. And that takes a lot.

What a great weekend here at KFC. Lots of cars, kids dancing in the street, some adults, too. I think a great time was had by all. It was great to see some old friends, and we made some new ones as well. And most importantly, we had a great turnout for the Food Bank of Central New York.

We’ll have a new show all ready for you guys next weekend, a new mix of some old standards and new favorites.

We’ll have the static display up and running TUESDAY night, December 3 through Thursday, December 5, then it’s right back to work on Friday, December 6, for three shows starting at the usual times. DON’T FORGET, WE’LL BE DARK ON SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7.

Thanks again for your support of our efforts, and have a great week. See you all next weekend!!

And, BTW, to the couple from MINOA that stopped by with 5 bags of canned goods, (you know who you are, but I don’t) THANK YOU for your very generous contribution!! Come back again, I owe you more candy!!!


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