Hello, everyone.

Well, the big day has finally come. Santa’s big day. Leaving for work this morning, I was outside cleaning off my car, and the lights were off. It was incredibly quiet, and it was flurrying just a little bit. I was imagining what it would be like in 12 hours….lights on, snowing just a bit, happy children running around. 

Everything is ready….almost. The last minute details are being tended to in the workshop.

We’ll have the lights up at 7 PM. It’ll be a longer than usual show, 40-45 minutes, and Santa and his elves will arrive towards the end of the show with goodies for everyone.

This is what it’s all about….quiet, peace, music and lights.

Try to get here early….and once again, thank you so much for all you’ve done to support Koehler Family Christmas and the Food Bank of Central New York.

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