Getting Closer!!

Well, it’s hard to imagine that we are only 5 days to light-up!!

We’re hoping everyone is getting into the Christmas Spirit a little early this year!!

We’re still having some issues (the storm hit us pretty bad and gave us some electrical issues) but hopefully we’ll be all up and running by Black Friday.

By the way, we’ll be dark next Sunday (work issues) but we’ll be back, bright and light, the following weekend for Week 2. I’ll start a post called DARK NIGHTS and update as required.

Remember to check here for updates, especially if the weather is suspect (precipitation, not temperature, is what we try to avoid.)

Here’s what we look like now, in case you were wondering. But fear not, we aren’t done just yet.

See you Black Friday, for shows at 6, 7 and 8 PM!! Thank you for helping us support the Food Bank of Central New York!!!

We wish you a joyous and peaceful Thanksgiving Holiday.

Koehler Family Christmas


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