Week 2!!!

Hello Everyone:

Welcome to week #2 at Koehler Family Christmas!!

We are back once again with lights and music for the season tonight and tomorrow night at 6, 7 and 8 PM, and Sunday a6 6 and 7 PM. Come by and have a great experience with synchronized lights and music and get in the Christmas Spirit with us. And please, remember the good people at the Food Bank of Central New York when you come.

A couple of announcements…I’ll put it on the Dark Days page, but we will be dark on December 9 (booooooo). And also, Crouse Hospital Night will be on Saturday, December 22 for all three shows. TSO Night will be on Friday, December 21. We’ll announce a date for Classic Christmas Night in the next few days.

Thank you…. and see you tonight!!!


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