Two More Days!!!

Hello Everyone!!

Two more days and we’re BACK!! 

All three nights this weekend, Friday and Saturday 6,7, and 8 PM. Sunday…6 and 7 PM. 

Now to the important stuff…Crouse Hospital Night will be December 22. 

TSO Night…December 23 (bring your lighters and wave em in the air…)

All of this leads up to the biggest night of all, Christmas Eve!! One BIG BIG BIG show at 7 PM, culminating in a visit by the “big man, top dog, big cheese” of Christmas, Santa Claus himself. (Don’t tell anyone but I hear he’s making an incredibly FLASHY entrance…). 

But, this weekend, don’t forget to stop by, grab some candy, and help us show our appreciation for the great work that the folks at the Food Bank of Central New York do for those less fortunate. 

Thanks for reading…SEE YOU FRIDAY!!

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