Week 3…AWESOME!!

Hello, Everyone!! 

Well…what a great weekend. The weather was warm (kinda drizzly but all three nights were pretty warm) and we had something we have never experienced on a Sunday, TRAFFIC PROBLEMS!! 

We’re getting close to the summit of our season, Christmas Eve. But before that, there’s Crouse Hospital Night on December 22, TSO Night on December 23, and our big Christmas Eve Blowout at 7 PM. One show only, but it’ll be a doozy, a bit longer and will end when we get Santa arriving here JUST FOR US!! There’ll be opportunities for pictures and candy for all. Since we’ve had traffic issues already, I’d suggest that you get here early for the festivities that night. Weather for those 4 days looks great, by the way. 

We’ve thanked a lot of people so far, like United Rentals I’m Schuyler Road…they made our lives incredibly easier during setup, and Staples on Bridge Street. But we need to also thank the Dewitt Police Department in advance for their assistance in our Christmas Eve activities. 

So…next week…shows at the usual times, 6, 7 and 8 PM on Friday and Saturday, 6 and 7 PM on Sunday, and 7 PM on Christmas Eve. And as always, check our social media and/or our website for updates if the weather is sketchy. 

Have a great week, everyone!!

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