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Do you remember, when you were young, the excitement and wonder of the Christmas Season?

Do you remember that feeling that you got in your belly when your Mom was busy in the kitchen baking Christmas cookies? 

I’m sure you remember the tossing and turning you did, after you went to bed on Christmas Eve, when you were way too excited to go to sleep. And waking up ten times on Christmas Eve when the slightest noise in the house, the slightest creak, made you think that Santa and his sleigh were on your roof!!

That’s why we do it. We do it because to look back, as adults, on a time long ago, when we were small, and innocent, and naive; when times were simpler and life was a lot easier, is fun sometimes. It’s fun to reminisce and be nostalgic, and be a kid again, especially at this time of the year. 

We can get together, with old friends and relatives, or with new friends and neighbors. Whether it’s in the middle of the street having fun watching really cool Christmas lights, or around the table for Christmas dinner. It doesn’t matter where you are, or who you are with. 


4 thoughts on “What We Do

  1. Just waiting for a good night to come out and see your display and
    to help a good cause. It is such a powerful difference to see what a
    family has done to get the community involved in the Christmas spirit.

    • Hi Ms. Cordell. If I can, I’d like to answer all of your questions here. I would guess that any donation would be needed at this time of the year, with holidays and cold weather setting in now. I can ask and let you know if there is something in particular that is in extra short supply. There are bins in the driveway for both food and monetary donations. One of us, usually myself is outside whenever the show is running, and we have everything put away after the shows of the day are over. I think that it’s important to remember what the spirit of Christmas and just the fact that there are people out there suffering does mean in the grand scheme of things. That’s why my family and I do this.

      Thank you so much for your kind words and support. We hope to see you soon.

  2. I think what you guys are doing here is great! I am a student reporter here at Syracuse University and would love to come out and film your show for a story this Friday evening. I would also love to talk to you for a few minutes to just hear from you a little bit more about what you all do. The interview would take about 10 minutes. If another time works better for an interview please let me know, I will also be free all day Monday and could come by then. Hope to hear from you! You can reach me back via a comment here, my email cavolk@syr.edu or at 732-829-1134 Thank You!

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