It’s Getting Closer!!!

Good Morning, Everyone!!Hard to believe, but we open in just 10 short days (Oh, my!!).

A couple of dates to keep in mind for the upcoming season: scheduled dark days will be December 7 and December 22. Those dates don’t include weather-related cancellations, so if the weather is dicey, be sure to watch our social media (here, Twitter: @koehlerfamxmas and

TSO NIGHT will be Saturday, December 21 (all three shows) and CLASSIC CHRISTMAS will be Friday, December 20, again all 3 shows.

Still up in the air with what may be the final night of the season for the display, we’ll let you know soon.

Have a great rest of the week, and we’ll be back with more updates soon!!

Happy Veteran’s Day from Koehler Family Christmas!!!

Happy Veteran’s Day to all of those who have served the country and made it possible to live the lives we are able to live. In honor of the Day today (the storm may have something to do with it too…) we’ll be running what we have of the display in the best colors in the world, RED, WHITE and BLUE! If you’re in the neighborhood from 5-8 PM tonight, feel free to drive by and take a peek. Stay safe and today and drive safely!!

Sneek Peek!!!

Hello Everyone:
We’re keeping a watchful eye on the weather tomorrow. If it is as bad as they think it may be, we won’t be running the Sneek Peek tomorrow night (ya know, electricity and water and all…) We’ll let you know here, on Twitter and Facebook (Koehler Family Christmas) at a decent hour. Have a good night!!

Koehler Family Christmas 2019!!!

It’s that time of the year again!! We hope that everyone has had a magnificent, fun and sun-filled summer. We have already been making tons of changes to the display, making it bigger, brighter and better than ever before for the 2019 Christmas Season.

I’d like to thank everyone for your help in past years. You all have truly gone above and beyond in the past and I hope that you can help us out again. As you know, the Food Bank of Central New York is such an important and vital resource for our community, not only during the Holiday Season, but also during the entire year. I hope you’ll be able to stop by this year and help us to help them. 100% of EVERYTHING we get, whether monetary or non-perishable items goes directly to the Food Bank.

We will have our annual “Sneek Peek” on Halloween night Thursday October 31 this year. We won’t be fully operational at that point but we’ll be close, and that serves as kind of a test of what we have up and gives the neighborhood a taste of what’s to come later on. Candy and fun for all!! We’ll start going at about 5 PM, and shut it down a little bit after the last ghosts and goblins come around.

Our big OPENING NIGHT will be Friday, November 29, Black Friday. Shows will be at 6, 7 and 8 PM that night, and Saturday also. Shows on Sundays will be at 6 and 7 PM again this season. We were lucky last year in that while it did snow on some show nights, it wasn’t really wet as in past years and we didn’t have to cancel any shows. But as we all know, the weather in December can be unpredictable, so we may have to have some dark nights for safety purposes. All of that info will be published on our website and social media accounts. There will have to be a couple of scheduled dark nights (boooooo!) and we’ll publish those here and in our social media feeds in a couple of days.

This of course is all a big run up to our Christmas Eve Extravaganza, to happen on Tuesday, December 24, at 7:00 PM. Of course, there will be fun and candy for everyone, and Santa himself will make an appearance to say hello and “Merry Christmas” to everyone. Also, stay tuned for our always popular Theme Nights, and we’ll post more info as the time grows closer. (TSO fans… go buy a new lighter)

Finally, we thank you all for your help of our cause in the past, and I hope that you’ll be able to help us to get the word out this year. Thank you again. We can’t do it without your help.

Koehler Family Christmas

Until Black Friday, 2019…

Hello, Everyone!!
Well…it’s a good thing that we didn’t have shows tonight or we’d be in big trouble. The wind damage here is ridiculous.

Anyhow…since we closed Sunday night, we’ve been to the Food Bank of CNY to turn in the proceeds from this season More about that shortly.

We need to say THANK YOU to a number of people and organizations, without which, this season would not have been possible. First, Jean Koehler…you are a patient, tolerant, beautiful person and without you allowing me the time and energy that this project consumes, we’d be bead in the water. Thank you and I love you. The rest of the family, too, Jake, GG and Jeremy pitched in where I could not and brought it all together. This is truly the best family a guy could ask for.

United Rentals on Schuyler Road and Staples in East Syracuse pitched in as well, helping us in ways that really made a difference. Thank you again.

We had a great visit one night with Tom Davis and Skip Davis. Tom is a teacher at ESM, one of Jeremy’s teachers, who brought one of their drones to capture some footage of our display from the air (That’s gonna be really cool, we’ll post it when we get it). Also, Toby Buechler and Julia Paz were here filming for WESM. Thanks so much for the help.

Ted and Amy of 93Q interviewed us prior to the season premiere, despite my erratic work schedule. They were fantastic. Thank you!!!

To Santa, Mrs. Claus and our Superfan, you guys have shown what dedication to a cause really means. I cannot measure what your support to our effort has meant to all of us. It has made a huge difference for us. Thank you.

Paul Knierman…thanks for your invaluable help. You’re always there, every year. Our neighbors, Ann Marie and Mr. & Mrs. Sweeney, donated their trees to our display, making it bigger and brighter than ever before (wait till next year…) so we are indebted to all of you also.

We weren’t aware of this, but apparently we have people from all over come to see us…some even from out of state!! Amazing…all of you. The Van Dykes, Uphams, our “wee Scottish TSO Superfans”, too, and others from far away that are anonymous, please accept our thanks for your support this year. You guys are amazing and your support is overwhelming.

Finally…several people at the Town Of DeWitt Police Department deserve a HUGE Thank You for their efforts, as without them, Santa’s arrival here at KFC would not have happened on Christmas Eve. First, Alyssa started the whole ball rolling, Sergeant Jerry Pace facilitated the journey, and Officer Grizanti’s execution was perfect, in what turned out to be rather nasty weather. We couldn’t have asked for more. If I neglected anyone, I apologize.

Now….drum roll please….just how well did you guys dig in to help the Food Bank of Central New York? You donated 647 pounds of food, and $1,222.48 to help the needy and hungry this Christmas season. I’m pretty sure both are all-time records. We cannot thank you enough.

One last thing…please don’t forget about the Food Bank just because the sun is out and it’s 80 degrees outside. You know….that one week in August that we get that’s nice here in CNY 😉 Seriously though, homelessness and hunger don’t ever take a break, and neither should you, from supporting the Food Bank and others that are not as fortunate as you. I wish we could run all year long to help out, but we can’t, but that doesn’t mean that the mission of the Food Bank is over until Christmas. Please, please…do what you can and help out this great organization, every month of the year. You can even go and volunteer there in the warehouse, at their events, they’ll need our help every month of every year. Here’s a perfect opportunity to get involved, start a new family tradition, make good on a NY resolution, if you don’t have one.

Sorry for the long post, but we had a lot of “thank yous” to get out there. Have a great New Year, a safe, peaceful and tranquil 2019 to everyone, and we’ll see you on Black Friday, November 29, 2019!!!…/volunteer-opportunities-2/

Dark Tonight :-(

Hello everyone: 

Well, mother nature has struck for the first time this season. We have some issues with the Display due to the weather over the last 24 hours, so issues with the display itself due to the moisture, as well as some issues from the wind. We also have some standing water in the yard, and according to the forecast, we’re supposed to get quite a bit of rain today. So preemptively, we are going to be dark tonight. As we have about 8000 watts passing through the Yard, we don’t want to have issues to ruin it for the rest of the weekend.

So, we’ll  get out there and repair everything tomorrow and will be good to go tomorrow night.

Just a reminder, it’s our last weekend, shows will be Saturday night at 6, 7 and 8 PM, and Sunday, our final day, we’ll  be lit up at 6 and 7 PM.

Sorry for the bad news, but we’ll be back tomorrow night.